How Truecaller Works / Truecaller App Works and Where Does Truecaller Get its Data from ?

Truecaller delivers an awesome experience that traditional phone book apps failed to deliver. A beautiful blend of blue and white user interface, access to right information is what that sets truecaller aside from bunch of useless phonebook apps.

How to truecaller works

Truecaller is a one-stop app that lets you search for contact information, block calls you don’t want to receive-spam and personal without leaving the application.In our previous articles we have covered about how remove a phone number from truecaller database and list of sites to trace mobile number online.

Services from Truecaller can be expected in two different versions. If you have pc/desktop, a Truecaller online version is optimized to yield better performance. In case of smartphones, Truecaller app can be downloaded from playstore, app store depending upon the nature of software the smartphone is running on.

The only bottleneck feature that limits truecaller ability is that the app should need an active internet connection to work. When means you cant expect a fully functional truecaller in absence of Internet and airplane mode.

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So how does Truecaller work & From Where it gets Data?

It’s no longer a mystery how Truecaller works as we have decoded the mystery. The working principle of truecaller is as follows-“Give and take.” Once the app is installed on the phone, Truecaller can access data like contacts list, location, call history etc. Data thus collected will be uploaded to Trecaller’s databases in Sweden. So next time you call someone, your details like name, phone number is displayed on the screen.

The story begins from here. To login in to Truecaller app you have to enter your phone number or sign-in with any social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. A successful login with your phone number, the contact details like name and number will be migrated toTruecaller’s servers.

Everything looks fine with Truecaller, unless we don’t care about privacy. In the recent years there has been an outcry on Truecaller as it hampers your privacy.

The best-known possible way to keep yourself away from Truecaller is to uninstall it. selecting this link will remove your details from Truecaller’s database.We have covered an article on how to delete a number from truecaller directory,just navigate through the link and read the article to know more information.









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