Turn off Automatic Restart in Windows 7|Help Fixing System Failure(BSOD)

Disable Automatic reboot in Windows to help in troubleshooting Serious System Errors like BSOD.

BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) is a serious error in Windows which occurs due to Hardware Malfunctioning or Software Conflicts.One of the major problems with BSOD is,Windows PC gets restart automatically as soon as it face’s BSOD error.Windows won’t give you enough time to note down the errors which help in fixing the problem.(If you can note down the error,you may Google it or refer a book to solve the problem).This is really frustrating for windows Users.
With out knowing the error details,we can’t fix the Error.
The only Solution to this problem is 
Disable automatic restart in Windows 7 when System Failure (Serious Error) Occurs“.
By enabling this feature you could prevent windows from getting restart automatically.Now you can take down the Error details with ease.After Taking the error Details you have to restart the PC manually.Let’s see how to deactivate auto restart in Windows when Windows encounters Serious Problems.

How Disable Auto Reboot in Windows 7 When Serious Error Occurs. 

1)Right Click on the My Computer Icon and Click on the Properties.

Automatic Restart in Windows 7

2)Click on the Advanced System Settings.

Disable Automatic restart in windows when System Failure occurs

A System Properties Popup Window will Open.

Disable Automatic restart in windows when System Failure occurs

3)Click on the Settings under “Start Up and Recovery”.
A Start Up and Recovery Pop up Windows Will open.

Disable Automatic restart in windows when System Failure occurs

4)Uncheck the “Automatically Restart” option under System Failure.By default this option is enabled.Just disable it prevent auto restart of your Computer.
5)Click OK in Start up and Recovery Window.
6)Click OK in System Properties Window and Close the System Window.
That’s it.Now you have disabled Automatic reboot of Windows 7 When System Failure Error Occurs.

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