Unblock Facebook with Free Proxy sites in Office,Schools,Colleges


Facebook has become a daily routine in every internet Users Life.Facebook has created huge
impact on general users and was successful in attracting them.
It has provided a great platform to share your views,searching for a friend and many more.
For bloggers,Facebook is even more helpful in driving massive traffic to their blog/website.
Why i am specifying all these uses is just to say that every normal internet
user,blogger,online market,social media expert etc will spend some minutes daily on facebook.
What if Facebook is blocked at your workplace,schools,public places ?
Why the management prefer to block Facebook at work places?
Main reason for blocking facebook at schools,colleges and office is only because it distracts
the interest of student/employee.So the only option is restrict access to Facebook login page.
Have you ever encountered the message like “url is blocked”,this is because the system admin
has made that specific site not available for you.
Denying Facebook access at schools and colleges is good.But what if you have urgent work or when
you feel bored at school and want to open facebook to check the status updates of your friends?
Here is a simple solution to open Facebook when it is blocked by System Admin.
Proxy Sites serves the purpose for you to access facebook when it is blocked.

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Are you a regular Facebook User? Want to access Facebook in your Office,school or public place
where it is blocked.Then you are at right place.This article will let you know the List of best
proxy sites to unblock Facebook.

With the below mentioned proxy sites you can easily break the security firewall and get access
to Facebook.These proxy sites are highly secured ,so don’t think of security issues.Some of the
Proxy sites even hide your ip address to add an extra layer of security for you.

Unblock Facebook with Free Proxy sites

proxy sites to facebook unblock

Best 3 Proxy Sites to bypass Security and Unblock facebook


Proxymice.com is an anonymous free proxy site specially designed by a group of
experienced developers for people who have facebook.com blocked.blocked. Proxymice is the best proxy
site to unblock Facebook.The main feature which made it stand in top is its speed.You can get
an access to Facebook from school,college and office.Travel in Facebook using desktop.
Proxymice Facebook proxy will help you.Undoubtedly the first choice to unblock facebook at work


The Facebook Proxy is a site that allows you to access Facebook, while at work, school, or
anywhere where you’re restricted from accessing Facebook. The Facebook proxy also prevents
ISPs from seeing what you are doing and monitoring your connection.With thefacebookproxy you
can unblock many other sites like Youtube,twitter etc which are blocked at your place.


Unblock Facebook proxy is the best freeware to access Facebook from any network.Facebook-proxy
gives you the freedom by breaking all the network restrictions and provide you the best
experience in anonymous Facebook surfing.One of the best proxy site to login to facebook at
schools and colleges.

Hope the above mentioned Facebook proxy sites helped in getting access to Facebook.
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