How to Add Unique Meta Description For Each Blogger Post

Search Engine (Especially Google) uses Meta Description to know what your Blog is about? These Meta description increases your blog’s Search Engine Rankings for sure.

For Example: In my blog i have already written 100 blog posts (will write more in coming days).All these blog posts will be indexed by Google with same meta description (Blogs meta description).As your blog posts need not be of same topic.Just think how and what Google would think about blog post to rank it.
What I am Saying is “Write Different Meta Description for Every Individual Post” to rank well in Google Search.I hope you got my point.
WordPress Blog’s already has this feature.There are many plugins available for them to add separate meta description to each and every Blogger post.For Blogger Blogs this Feature to enable meta description is a dream.
Blogger Recently added an option to enable “meta description” or dynamic description to each and every blog post.With this option you can write your own meta description to increase your blog’s organic traffic.One important point is :Google uses this meta description as one of the signal to rank your web page.

So now you understood how important it is to add Meta description .Lets See how to make your blog accept unique meta description for every post.

How to add  Meta Description to Blogger Blog and Each Individual Blog post

Log in to your blogger account and Go to Settings.
Under Search Description  you will see Meta Tags option.
Just Enable the meta search description.
meta description

Now write your’s blog description (niche of your blog,what you are going to write for blog visitors and many more).
Save your Meta Tag Description.Now your blog will now automatically create an option to write meta description to each blog post.

Note: If you are using Custom templates (other than default blogger templates) you may not find an option to enable meta description.In that case 

Just copy the below code in head section (just above )

<b:if cond=’data:blog.metaDescription != &quot;&quot;’>
<meta expr:content=’data:blog.metaDescription’ name=’description’/>

Save your blogger template.Now you would see an option to enable Meta description for your blogger blog.