How to use Trello for Project Management Effectively

trello online tool

Your busy day of life shouldn’t go in vain with an unplanned schedule. You certainly need a kind of personal productivity planner to intelligently organize your day and give a sense visibility of what’s going on.

Talk of Trello. Yes it’s happening right now and it’s right here. Trello for project management is an intelligent tool that organizes your 24-hour day into a productive one.

How Trello works and why it’s awesome?

Basically Trello is a webpage that contains a list of blocks, which gives a bird-eye of your projects. To get started and use Trello, visit Official site of Trello . If you are an existing user you can login by entering login credentials. If it’s your first time with Trello, you can signup with your email.

The way Trello works is simple and amazing. Though the baseline concept of organizing your work hears simple, Trello takes this work to a whole new level of fun by implementing the concept of Cards.

trello tool

Individual cards in Trello themselves contain images, attachments, notes etc. labelled with different colours. Individual colours can be customized depending on the nature of work. Trello supports multiple boards like one for finance, housing, workforce etc. Trello comes in handy like the digital version sticky notes.

Using Trello for project management

Perhaps the most obvious way to bring the best out of Trello is to implement its functionality in scheduling projects both for personal and organizational purpose.

On the other side of coin, Trello can also schedule your weeks. You can even make use of third party tools like editorial calendar by integrating with Trello.

Instead of battling with age old traditional dairies to keep track of your day-to-day work, why don’t give a chance for Trello for project management. The easy to use user interface, sleek design and use of bright colours to highlight your tasks give a great sense of urge to work on.

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