Windows 8 Rearm|Increase Windows 8 Enterprise Trial period 90 Days

Rearm Windows 8 to extend its trial version for more 90 Days
Microsoft has officially released the Enterprise Copy of Windows 8.This Enterprise version will run free for 90 Days (90 Days trial period).Windows 8 Rearm feature allows to extend this Trial Version for extra 90 Days.
You can use Rearm Technique for 3 Times.
Rearm concept is not new for Microsoft.Already it has experimented with Windows 7,Outlook.

Windows 8 Rearm

Download Windows 8 pro from Microsoft website.You will get 90 Days free trail.Use Rearm feature to increase trail period by 90 days.You can use Windows 8 Rearm feature only for 3 Times.So Windows 8 would work on your PC for 90 + 3X90 =360 Days without any interruption.Lets see how to activate Windows 8 Rearm to maximize the Trail Version.

How to extend Trial Version of Windows 8 

To extend windows 8 trial version just follow the below steps
1)Open Command Prompt in Administrator Permissions (Run Command Prompt as Administrator).
2)Run the Command given below.
3)Just the type the command and hit enter.A pop up arises and displays a message to restart your Computer.
4)Click OK to restart your PC.
That’s it now you have successfully Extended the trail time of Windows 8 for more 90 Days.

Important Note:Use Rearm Command on 89th day so that you can enjoy windows 8 trail version to fullest.
Important Commands:
Command check current licence information of Windows 8:
Command to check detailed information current license type:
Command to check expiration date of Windows 8
Last Words:
Using Rearm technique to increase the Windows 8 Trial period is absolutely genuine.Instead of using pirated version of Windows 8 use Rearm Feature and extend trial version up to 360 Days.

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