Make Windows PC to Choose Wired Internet Instead of Wireless Connection

Want to make Windows PC to choose Wired internet Connection automatically by skipping Wireless
network connection?
Let’s see it with an example,so that a everyone (new user) can  understand.

For suppose “A” is using a Laptop which is running on Windows.For the last one year he has been using a wireless internet connection (free public internet connection) to access the web and the wiresless connection speed is very slow.
So he has decided to use Wired internet connection which has far better speed.
If both the Connection’s are accessible then Windows PC by default would choose wireless
internet connection instead of Wired Internet Connection.
Wired internet Connection speed may be high or low,it doesn’t matter for windows running
Laptop/PC.By default it choose a connection with lower metric value (Wireless connection).But
we can change the priority of internet connections which a Computer should choose.
Let’s see how to make Windows Laptop to choose wired connection over wireless.

How to use wired connection automatically instead of wireless

Lets see how to make a PC to choose wired connection by leaving wireless connection
Go to control panel and choose Network Connections.
Go to Run Command (press Win+R) and type ncpa.cpl in run window.

ncpa.cpl command

It would open network connection window.A window would open something like this.

network connections list

Now press Alt key to enable the advanced options in Network Connections Window.

internet connections list alt key

Click on the advanced settings option in the Advanced TAB.A new advanced settings popup window
would open for you.

internet connections advanced settings
Click on the Adapters and Binding’s tab.You can see the list of internet connections available
in the connections box.

internet connections advanced settings windows
By default wireless connection would be given high priority.
You can change the priority level to choose wired connection instead of wireless connection.
Choose internet connection in the advanced settings tab.Now click on the arrow mark to the
right side of internet connections.Choose up arrow or low arrow depending on your requirement.

Click on the OK to complete the task.

Conclusion:It is very easy to make windows select wired internet instead of wireless connection by
default.Go to settings in the network connections and change the priority levels to change the

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